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BAXI is a renowned company operating in the field of heating and water heating with more than 150 years of history. Its roots go back to 1866, when BAXI was founded to manufacture cast iron radiators in Barcelona and Tarragona, Spain. Since then, the company has grown and developed into a global leader in the field of heating.

BAXI is known for its high-quality and reliable heating systems and water heaters. It offers a wide range of products including gas, oil and biomass boilers, solar systems, water heaters and smart controls. These products are designed with an emphasis on energy efficiency, environmental sustainability and maximum comfort for users.

Innovation is an important aspect of BAXI's philosophy. It continuously invests in research and development in order to bring new and advanced technologies to the field of heating. Their products are designed with ease of installation, operation and maintenance in mind, meaning customers benefit from hassle-free, powerful and reliable solutions.

BAXI is also committed to environmental protection and sustainable development. Their heating systems are designed to minimize pollutant emissions and maximize energy efficiency. The company also supports the use of renewable energy sources and actively focuses on the development of ecological solutions for heating and water heating.

BAXI has become a trusted and recognized brand in the field of heating and water heating all over the world. Its products are used in a wide range of applications including homes, commercial buildings and industrial facilities. BAXI maintains its strong position in the market thanks to the reliability, quality and technical progress it brings to the field of heating.

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