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Butyl is a type of synthetic rubber known for its high resistance to the action of gases, moisture and oxidation. It is made from the polymerization of isobutylene with a small amount of isoprene. Butyl has excellent sealing properties and is used in various industries, especially in the rubber industry and in the production of sealing materials.

The main properties of butyl:

Resistance to gas permeations: Butyl has a low permeability to gases, which makes it a suitable material for the manufacture of tires and various gas storage containers.

Sealing properties: Its low permeability to air and other gases, together with its elasticity, make it an excellent material for sealing applications such as sealing elements in valves, fittings, windows and doors.

Moisture resistance: Butyl has excellent moisture resistance, which makes it suitable for the production of sealants for outdoor applications.

UV resistance: Butyl is able to resist degradation caused by sunlight, making it suitable for outdoor applications.

Flexibility and resistance to low temperatures: Butyl retains its elastic properties even at low temperatures, which makes it suitable for frost and cold environments.

Use of butyl:

Tire manufacturing: Butyl is often used as an inner coating for tires because of its low air permeability.
Sealing elements: It is used to make sealing materials for various industrial applications such as fittings, valves, windows and doors.
Sealing strips: It is used for the production of self-adhesive sealing strips.
Washers and buffers: Butyl is often used to make washers and buffers for various machine parts and equipment.
Sealing membranes: It is used for the production of sealing membranes for various industrial and construction applications.
Overall, due to its properties and resistance to various factors, butyl is an important material in many industries, especially where reliable tightness and protection against external influences are required.

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