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Carbide is a compound of carbon with other elements where carbon usually has a negative oxidation state. There are many types of carbides, some of which are inorganic and some are organic. In the context of your question, you are most likely asking about inorganic carbides, which are particularly well known in their used form.

One of the best-known inorganic carbides is quartz carbide (SiC), also known as carborundum. This carbide is widely used as an abrasive, i.e. for grinding and cutting, because it is very hard and durable. Silica carbide is also used in electronics and the production of ceramic materials.

Another example is calcium carbide (CaC2), known as acetylene carbide. This carbide is used to produce acetylene gas, which is used for welding and cutting metals.

Carbides are found naturally in the form of minerals, but can also be produced artificially in various industrial processes.

It is worth noting that there are also organic carbides, such as organic compounds of carbon with hydrogen, which contain double bonds between carbon and carbon. These organic carbides are important in organic chemical research and industry.

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