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A terminal is a component used to connect an electrical wire or connection to an electrical device or circuit. The main function of the terminal is to enable connection between conductors and equipment or between different conductors.


A clamp usually has two main parts:

Contact Part: This part of the terminal is designed to make electrical contact with the connected conductors. It can be a metal or other conductive material that allows the flow of electric current from one conductor to another.

Insulating part: There is an insulating material around the terminal contact point to prevent unwanted contact between conductors or between conductors and other materials. The insulating part ensures that the electric current is correctly directed and that no dangerous connections are created.

The way a terminal works is to allow wires to be connected and disconnected from an electrical circuit or device. This is useful for various purposes such as repairs, maintenance, connecting new equipment or branching electrical circuits.

There are many different types of terminals, including screw terminals, spring terminals, plugs and many others, each with their own characteristics and uses in different electrical applications.

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