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Distilled water

Distilled water is water that has undergone a distillation process, which is a method of separating water from impurities and minerals. The distillation process involves heating water to its vapor point, then condensing the steam back to water and collecting that water in a clean container. Distilled water is almost pure, without any impurities, bacteria, minerals and other soluble substances.


The use of distilled water is diverse and can be found in various industries:

Laboratory use: Distilled water is used in laboratories for the preparation of reaction solutions, in the analysis of samples and in the preparation of sterile solutions.

Pharmaceutical and cosmetic production: Many drugs, cosmetic products and medical devices require impurity-free water, and therefore distilled water is used.

Car batteries and cleaners: Distilled water is often used in car batteries to replace the lost water in the electrolyte. It is also used as a cleaning agent for cleaning glass and sensitive surfaces.

Aquariums: Distilled water is used to prepare aquarium water because it is free of chlorine, which could be harmful to some types of fish and plants.

Ironing and cleaning clothes: Distilled water is often used in irons because it does not contain minerals that could leave marks on clothes.

Other technical applications: Distilled water is used in various other technical applications, such as in the preparation of the battery for cars, in cooling systems and in the preparation of battery water.

Distilled water has the advantage of being clean and free of impurities, but it does not have minerals that are useful for human health. Therefore, it should not be consumed for a long time as the only source of drinking water, but rather it is used for specific technical and industrial purposes that require water with a minimum content of impurities.


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