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enthalpy exchanger

An enthalpy exchanger, also known as an enthalpy recuperator, is a device used to exchange heat between two different streams of liquids or gases. Its main function is to transfer heat or cold from one stream to another, while trying to minimize heat loss and increase the overall energy efficiency of the process. This type of exchanger is common in various applications, especially in heating, cooling and ventilation systems.

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The operation of the enthalpy exchanger is based on the principle of heat transfer between two liquids or gases that flow through separate spaces of the exchanger. Here's the basic process of how it works:

Air or gas flow: The heat exchanger has two separate compartments - one for one air flow (often called the "air side") and one for the other air flow ("air side"). The two sides have no physical contact to prevent mixing of currents.

Heat transfer: Air or gas flows through its part of the exchanger. In the case of air heating, warm air from the room can pass through one side of the exchanger, while cold outside air passes through the other side. The heat from the warm air is transferred through the walls of the exchanger to the cold air without the air streams mixing.

Enthalpy transfer: In addition to heat transfer, an enthalpy exchanger can also transfer moisture or enthalpy, which is a measure of the energy in the air associated with its temperature and humidity. This is particularly important when recovering energy from ventilated airs.

Increased energy efficiency: By transferring heat or cold from one stream to another, noticeable energy savings can be achieved. For example, in the winter months, the outside air temperature may be cold, but still show a higher temperature than the warm air inside the building. This heat transfer can reduce the amount of energy needed to heat the air outside.

Enthalpy exchangers have a wide range of applications, from homes and commercial buildings to industrial processes. Their use can increase the energy efficiency of heating, cooling and ventilation systems while reducing energy costs.

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