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exhaust fan

An exhaust fan is a device used to remove air, gases or vapors from enclosed spaces. Its main function is to create an air flow that ensures the removal of unwanted substances, odors, moisture, smoke or other polluting particles from the room or space to the outside.

Exhaust fans have a variety of uses in homes, industrial plants, commercial buildings and other places where there is a need to remove contaminants or improve air quality.

These fans are usually located in walls, roofs or ceilings and are connected to ventilation ducts or pipes. When switched on, the fan starts rotating and sucks in air from inside the room or space, creating a negative pressure. This negative pressure then causes air, gases or vapors to escape through vents, exhaust ducts or ventilation systems.

Exhaust fans are often used in kitchens to remove steam, odors and smoke from cooking. In bathrooms, they are used to remove moisture to prevent condensation and mold growth. In industrial environments, exhaust fans are used to remove dangerous gases or chemicals.

There are many types of exhaust fans, including radial fans, axial fans and pressure equalization systems. Each type has its own characteristics and suitability for different applications.

Proper installation and maintenance of the exhaust fan is important for optimal efficiency and safety. It is recommended to follow the manufacturer's instructions and regularly clean and inspect the fan to prevent dirt build-up and ensure proper functionality.

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