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Ferroli is an Italian company with a strong focus on heating systems and technology. Its history goes back to 1955, when a family business was founded in Italy. Since then, Ferroli has become one of the leading European manufacturers and suppliers of heating and heating systems.

Here is some key information about Ferroli:

Wide range of products: Ferroli manufactures and supplies a wide range of heating and water heating products, including solid fuel boilers, gas boilers, condensing boilers, solar water heaters, heat pumps and other heating equipment.

International presence: Ferroli has branches and sales representatives in many countries around the world. Its products are available in Europe, Asia, North America and other regions.

Innovation and sustainability: Ferroli focuses on the development of new technologies and products with an emphasis on energy efficiency and sustainability. Their condensing boilers and solar water heaters are examples of environmentally friendly products.

Quality and reliability: Ferroli is based on a high standard of quality and reliability of its products. Their heating systems are often designed with an emphasis on longevity and minimal maintenance.

Customer support and service: Ferroli offers customer support and service for its products to ensure customer satisfaction and optimal operation of their heating systems.

The Ferroli company is known for its expertise in the field of heating and water heating and offers solutions for both households and commercial buildings. Its effort is to contribute to ensuring comfort and energy savings for its customers through reliable and efficient heating systems.

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