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ELNUR s.a., based in Spain (Madrid), is one of the recognized world leaders in the field of electric heating equipment production. For more than 40 years, it has been providing solutions for modern comfortable electric heating through a wide range of products.

The assortment consists of modern design electric controllers EcoSeco, oil radiators filled with ecological liquid EcoFluid,
convectors, electric boilers, storage stoves. The assortment also includes bathroom radiators, terrace infrared heaters and hand dryers.

The production of products takes place using the most modern technologies. Fully automated electrostatic powder coating guarantees perfect surface treatment of products against aging and corrosion. All radiators have a built-in very precise thermostat
with a deviation of +/- 0.1°C and the most modern technology for regulating energy consumption, the so-called Electronic TRIAC Control Optimizer.
Using these technologies, savings in heating costs can exceed 30%.

Five assembly lines ensure the annual production of 150,000 electric radiators, 40,000 storage stoves, 30,000
convectors and other products. The entire production process, as well as every single manufactured product, meets all ISO quality standards.

Export customers located in more than 30 countries of the world include the company ELNUR s.a. among the world leaders in the production of electric heating equipment.

Availability of ELNUR s.a. products under the Gabarrón brand for the Slovak (since 2011) and Czech markets
(since 2014) is provided by the company KLIMATEL Šaľa, s.r.o.

Our goal is to provide the perfect heating proposal for every customer. Thanks to the rich experience of our employees and a wide range of products, we can design the best individual heating solution for each customer.

WHAT IS THE ErP (Energy related Products) DIRECTIVE?

The Ecodesign Directive, also called the Energy Products Directive, was introduced by the European Union as part of the climate protection program with the aim of reducing emissions and optimizing energy savings for CE-marked products.

Ecodesign defines the minimum efficiency requirements for products related to electricity, such as water heaters, heat pumps, boilers, convectors, electric radiators, electric ladder radiators, heaters, etc.

ErP regulation is based on the calculation of energy efficiency (Ns). Appliances must achieve the minimum required result depending on their installation (fixed or mobile). The energy efficiency calculation is based on two criteria:

Control performance such as basic mechanical thermostat, electronic thermostat or digital weekly programmer.
The presence of advanced functions, such as a remote control or an open window detector.
To be ErP compliant, an electric heating product must achieve an ErP (Ns) rating of 36% for mobile devices and 38% for fixed devices.

All Gabarrón Plus electrical equipment and TBBK ladder radiators are ErP ready, which means they provide the best quality, safety and economical operation.


With the new ErP regulation, the EU plans to achieve the so-called 20-20-20 goal, the essence of which is to achieve by 2020:

20% reduction in CO² emissions
20% reduction in primary energy consumption
20% increase in the share of renewable energy
These measures will have a strong positive impact on environmental protection and stimulation of energy savings.

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