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Glass ceramics

Glass ceramics is a material that is created by combining glass and ceramics. This material is made by a process called "glass ceramization," where glass products are heated to a very high temperature and then quickly cooled. This process causes the glass mass to begin to crystallize and transition into a ceramic state. Glass-ceramic has several advantages that make it a popular material in various applications: Heat resistance: Glass ceramic is resistant to high temperatures, which makes it a suitable material for cooking and baking. It can be used to make stoves, ovens, hobs and other kitchen tools. Mechanical Strength: Glass-ceramic is hard and resistant to impact and scratches, making it durable and wear-resistant. Insulating properties: Glass ceramics have good insulating properties, which makes them suitable for use in thermal insulation materials. Transparency: Some types of glass ceramics have the ability to transmit light, which makes them suitable for the production of doors, windows and glass cladding. Glass ceramics are used in various industries, especially in areas where a combination of heat resistance, mechanical strength and insulating properties is required. Its use is found in households, industry, construction, medicine and other areas.

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