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Inox-Radial is a designation for the technology of production and construction of the heat exchanger, which is often used in heating systems, especially in condensing boilers. It is an advanced technology that combines high efficiency and corrosion resistance.

The Inox-Radial heat exchanger is made of a durable material such as stainless steel (Inox), which provides high corrosion resistance and a long service life. The heat exchanger is designed with radiation tubes that ensure high heat transfer between the combustion side and the heating side.

This technology enables more efficient use of heat from fuel combustion and ensures a high degree of heat exchange. The radiation tubes have a specially shaped surface that increases the heat transfer surface and optimizes the flow of hot gases. This achieves high efficiency of the boiler and reduction of heat loss.

Inox-Radial technology also enables the condensation of water vapors that are created during fuel combustion. Condensation of water vapor enables the additional use of latent heat, which is released during the transition of water vapor to the liquid phase. This achieves an even higher efficiency of the boiler and a reduction in CO2 emissions.

Inox-Radial is one of many technologies used in modern heating systems to improve boiler efficiency and performance. It is a significant contribution in the field of energy-saving and environmentally sustainable heating solutions.

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