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LDPE is an abbreviation for low-density polyethylene (Low-Density Polyethylene). It is a thermoplastic polymer that belongs to the polyethylene group. LDPE is produced by polymerization of ethylene using catalysts and low pressure. It has low density, high elasticity and good resistance to chemical substances.


Properties of LDPE include:

Low density, which makes it a light material.
High elasticity and impact resistance, which makes it a suitable material for the production of various plastic packaging and foils.
Good resistance to water, acids, bases and many chemicals, which makes it suitable for use in the chemical industry.
Low heat resistance, which limits its use at higher temperatures.
LDPE is often used to make plastic bags, food packaging, films, plastic bags, plastic bottles, tubes, and many other consumer plastic products. Due to its good flexibility, it is also used in various engineering applications.

LDPE is a widespread plastic material due to its low price, easy processing and diverse uses.

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