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The abbreviation "PE-X" indicates high-density polyethylene, modified for increased heat resistance and strength. PE-X is often used in the context of piping systems for hot or cold water distribution. These pipe systems are known as PE-X pipes.

PE-X pipes have several advantages that make them attractive for various applications in construction and industry:

Resistance to heat and pressure: PE-X pipes are resistant to high temperatures and pressure, which makes them suitable for hot water distribution and underfloor heating.

Flexibility: PE-X pipes are more flexible than traditional metal pipes, which makes it easier to install and adapt to different shapes.

Corrosion: PE-X pipes are resistant to corrosion, which reduces the risk of damage and the need for maintenance.

Low stratification: At higher temperatures, PE-X pipes do not admit water to a greater content of chemical substances, which reduces the risk of odors or impurities.

Hygienic and safety advantage: PE-X pipes do not contain any harmful varnishes or substances, which ensures the safe distribution of drinking water.

Light weight: Compared to metal pipes, PE-X pipes are light in weight, which makes handling and installation easier.

The abbreviation "PE-X" is based on the words "polyethylene with high density (High-Density Polyethylene)" and "X" indicates a modification of this material. PE-X pipes are used for a variety of applications, including potable water distribution, underfloor heating, water heating and in various industrial systems.

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