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Protherm belongs to the Vaillant Group and is a manufacturer of heating technology for many countries in Europe, Asia and Africa. It produces Vaillant and Protherm boilers for the Slovak market. Protherm Production is not just a manufacturing plant. It also includes a state-of-the-art development center, a test center and a distribution and logistics center for Central and Eastern Europe.

The beginnings of the company go back to 1991, when it worked as a seller of heating technology in Prague. Production in Skalica was first started in the company Didaktik, from where it was moved to the premises of the current plant in 1999. Since 2001, it has become part of the German concern Vaillant Group.

Three Slovak entities: Vaillant Group employs more than 1,800 people in Slovakia. In addition to the plant in Skalica, it also owns the company Vaillant Industrial Slovakia in Trenčianske Stankovcie, which produces hydromodules and pipes. Vaillant Group Slovakia is the sales organization for the Slovak market, which also provides additional customer care and service for the offered products.

The Vaillant Group concern has more than 140 years of history and more than 2,000 patents. It is a leader and pioneer in the field of heating technologies in Europe. It has 10 production plants in the world (eight in Europe, one each in Turkey and China) and more than 12,000 employees. It manufactures devices of the brands Vaillant, Protherm, Saunier Duval, Bulex, AWB, DemirDöküm, Glow-Worm and Hermann.

A complete range of technologies for heating, hot water and the use of renewable energy sources
Thanks to innovative technological solutions, Protherm offers increasingly advanced products that pay attention to ecological sustainability.

The Protherm range includes condensing boilers, electric boilers, hot water tanks, gas instantaneous water heaters, monobloc and split heat pumps and solar systems, which complete the range of available solutions with respect to the environment.

Protherm Production includes one of the most modern development centers in Europe. The company boasts a top development center with powerful workstations, a modern laboratory and high-quality technology. Members of the development team are primarily involved in the innovation of current boilers and the introduction of new, more powerful modules. Ideas for new, more efficient products are born here, design is optimized to increase quality while maintaining or reducing price, taking into account new technologies and their implementation. In addition, already existing boilers within the entire Vaillant group are being improved here.

The main tasks of the development center of the Protherm Production factory are the development of hydraulic modules for boilers, gas condensing and non-condensing boilers and electric boilers. We can also find here the Sustaining Engineering team and the project and product management team. The final form of the product is created thanks to the close cooperation of the development staff of Protherm Production with developers from other companies of the concern.

The company Protherm Production manufactures a wide range of boilers and hot water heating equipment. These are hanging and stationary, condensing and non-condensing boilers, electric boilers, electric heaters for preparing hot water and internal heat pump units.


The beginning of production in the renovated premises of the company's current headquarters dates back to 2000, when 51,000 pieces of final products were produced annually on three production lines. Over time, the production continuously grew to its current form. New projects were added and new production lines were built. Currently, the plant in Skalica produces more than 710,000 products per year. A wide range of equipment is produced for the countries of Europe, Asia and Africa. Most are exported to Germany, Russia, Belgium, Turkey, and Italy.

In Protherm Production, the most modern electronic workflows are used, thanks to which the heating devices on the lines are assembled relatively easily. The workflow on LCD screens guides employees through the entire assembly process, in both text and image form. This intelligent electronic system facilitates production and helps avoid errors. If the part is used incorrectly, it warns us and stops the assembly of the product on the line.

The production halls of the plant in Skalica are bright, clean and quiet spaces. The goal of Protherm Production is to become a green production, therefore it invests considerable funds in ecological solutions, innovations and focuses on saving energy




ENVIRONMENTAL RESPONSIBILITY Based on the corporate vision, "We take care of a better climate", the Vaillant Group is committed to comprehensive environmental protection. This includes not only legal requirements, but also all other obligations to which the Vaillant Group has voluntarily committed itself.

CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT The Vaillant Group has identified significant environmental aspects and set targets for the continuous improvement of its environmental performance and environmental management.

SUSTAINABLE PRODUCTS We include sustainability and environmental requirements in our business processes. We improve the ecological footprint of our products throughout their entire life cycle. We are increasing the share of highly efficient and low-energy products in our product portfolio.

TRANSPARENT COMMUNICATION We inform the public regularly and in a targeted manner about environmental protection in the Vaillant group. Interested parties will receive additional information if necessary.

SAVING RESOURCES For the Vaillant group, it is a matter of course to use resources efficiently and prevent environmental damage through low-waste and low-emission production processes. We also involve our contractual partners in this effort.

CUSTOMER ORIENTATION Customer and employee satisfaction are very important to us. Employees support the implementation of environmental policy and the achievement of our sustainability goals. All employees participate in the protection of the environment and the effectiveness of the environmental management system.

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