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SALUS is a renowned global supplier of intelligent solutions for heat management and heating regulation. Its scope extends to more than 80 countries and the company specializes in the development and production of quality products in the field of home automation.

SALUS offers a wide range of products, including thermostats, heating controllers, intelligent control systems, sensors and other accessories. Their products are designed to provide comfort, energy savings and better heating control in homes, commercial buildings and industrial facilities.

SALUS smart thermostats enable precise temperature adjustment in rooms as needed. They are equipped with modern technologies, such as Wi-Fi connection and the possibility of control via a mobile application. In this way, users can adjust the heating according to their preferences and easily monitor and control the temperature in the rooms remotely.

SALUS also offers intelligent control systems that enable centralized control and monitoring of the heating system throughout the building. These systems provide efficient temperature control, time programs, heating control in individual zones and support for different types of heating system.

SALUS emphasizes innovation and the quality of its products. The company invests in research and development to bring modern and reliable solutions to its customers. Their products are designed with energy efficiency, reliability and easy installation in mind.

In addition, SALUS also provides a wide range of services including technical support, training for professionals and consulting for their customers. They strive to create long-term partnerships with their customers and provide them with the best solutions and support.

SALUS has gained trust and recognition in the market for intelligent solutions for heat management. Their products and services are used by customers all over the world who appreciate their quality, performance and ease of use.

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Who we are?
We are part of Computime Group Limited, which is known for innovative research projects in the field of control electronics. We provide solutions for thermal and renewable energy regulation. We have a wealth of experience in what we do. We have been serving customers in the industrial and consumer markets in Asia, North America and Europe since 1974.

The regulation optimizes the operation of the heating system, thereby protecting the environment. Building automation limits emissions by reducing excessive performance or unnecessary energy consumption and is thus an important tool in the fight against global climate change and its negative impacts.

Heating regulation brings real savings to your home budget. The activity schedule allows you to set the temperature in individual rooms of the household according to their function and the lifestyle of the household members. In this way, you will prevent costly overheating of the interior.

For all types of heating
We offer innovative solutions in the field of building automation with the possibility of online management. SALUS Controls products are suitable for controlling all types of heating (radiator, floor, electric, hot air). They make it possible to regulate the operation of the boiler, DHW pump, DHW or other heating or cooling equipment.

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