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Split air conditioning

Split air conditioning is a very common and popular type of air conditioning system that is used to cool or heat rooms. It consists of two main parts: an indoor unit and an outdoor unit. The two units are connected by a pipe and an electrical cable. Split air conditioning is called "split" because the device is divided into two parts, which are located in different parts of the building.

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How split air conditioning works: Indoor unit: The indoor unit contains an evaporator, fan and often regulators. This unit is placed inside the room you want to cool or heat. Air from the room is drawn in through the evaporator, where it is cooled or heated as needed. Outdoor unit: The outdoor unit contains a compressor, a condenser and a fan. This unit is placed outside the building, for example on a wall or on the ground. The compressor compresses the refrigerant, causing it to heat up and release heat. The heat is transferred from the condenser to the outside environment using a fan. Piping and electric cable: The indoor and outdoor units are connected by a pipe that transfers the refrigerant between them and an electric cable that provides power and communication between the units. Advantages of split air conditioning: Efficiency: Split air conditioning systems are considered efficient because they have a separate heat and cold source (outdoor unit), allowing for better temperature control and energy efficiency. Flexibility: Split air conditioning units are available in different sizes and capacities, which allows the system to be adapted to the needs of a specific room. Aesthetics: The indoor unit is often modified by design, which contributes to the aesthetics of the interior of the room. Room control: Each indoor unit is often equipped with its own controller, which allows independent temperature control in different rooms. Quiet operation: Indoor units are often quiet and have the ability to regulate fan power to minimize noise. Split air conditioning systems are used in various rooms such as apartments, houses, offices, shops and commercial premises. They are very popular due to their efficiency, flexibility and ability to provide a comfortable and regulated environment in a variety of conditions.
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