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The expansion tank

The expansion tank is a component that is often used in thermal engineering and hydraulic systems, especially in heating, cooling and hot water supply systems. It is a container that serves to maintain a constant pressure and amount of liquid in the system, thus contributing to efficient and trouble-free operation.


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Features of the buffer tank:

Pressure equalization: The equalization vessel allows to equalize the pressure changes that may arise in the system due to the expansion and contraction of the liquid during temperature changes. In this way, the impact of pressure fluctuations on the entire system is minimized.

System Protection: The expansion tank can serve as protection against pressures that are too high or too low, which could cause damage to components or undesirable operating conditions.

Pump Protection: In systems with pumps, a surge tank can prevent the pump from constantly switching on and off with minor pressure changes. This contributes to extending the life of the pump and reducing wear.

Air elimination: The expansion tank may contain an air separator to allow air bubbles to be removed from the fluid in the system. This ensures that the fluid is able to transfer heat effectively and function efficiently.

Maintaining constant liquid volume: The expansion vessel adds additional volume to the system that can be used to compensate for changes in liquid volume due to temperature changes.

Where it is used:

Expansion tanks are widely used in various fields, in particular:

Heating systems: In homes, commercial buildings and industrial facilities, expansion tanks are used to maintain a stable pressure and volume of liquid in heating systems.

Cooling systems: In air conditioning systems and cooling circuits, they serve to maintain a consistent pressure and protect the system from pressure fluctuations.

Hot water systems: In hot water supply systems, expansion tanks are used to maintain a constant pressure and minimize changes in the volume of liquid in the system.

Heat pumps: Expansion tanks are also often used in heat pump systems to regulate fluid pressure and volume.

Overall, the expansion vessel is an important component in many thermal engineering systems, which helps to maintain stable and reliable operating conditions and minimize the negative effects of pressure changes on the system.

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