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CONTROLPRES is a modern single-phase automation device with a logic electronic circuit that replaces traditional control systems with an expansion vessel. Compared to other similar devices, it reduces and stabilizes the pressure generated by the pump and enables obtaining the required constant pressure in the distribution system even with variable intake. The output reduced and stabilized pressure can be set in the range from 3 to 6.5 bar. By opening the sampling point, the pump is started and remains in operation throughout the sampling period.

After opening the collection point, the pressure in the distribution system drops to the level of the starting pressure at which the pump is started.

The pressure in the distribution system is reduced and stabilized to a preset value by a pressure reducing valve. After the end of sampling, the flow sensor evaluates the end of the flow and the pump is turned off. If there is no pressure in the distribution system at this moment, a fault is evaluated, the red light is on, the pump is switched off permanently and thus protected against dry running. Once the lack of water is eliminated, automatic operation can be resumed by pressing the RESTART button. The trigger pressure is given by the output pressure setting.


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CONTROLPRES electronic pressure switch with pressure reducing valve - G 5/4"; 230V...

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