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IVAR.ELSSC - above ground plastic containers

Above ground plastic containers - IVAR.ELSSC


Plastic containers suitable for pre-supplying the building with potable or rainwater for their further use. They can serve
as retention tanks for booster stations or for further water treatment entering the piping in the building.

  • Temperature range: -50 °C to +60 °C
  • design: self-supporting
  • material: polyethylene monoblock
  • hygiene certificate

Designed for above-ground installation.

Suitable for drinking water.
Suitable for liquids other than water (consultation with supplier required).


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18377 image SSC PLASTO 0 75x

ELSSC-300l Plastic container - above ground

18377 image SSC PLASTO 0 75x

ELSSC-500l Plastic container - above ground

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