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A dirt separator with a magnet takes care of the quality of drinking and operating water

We start thinking about the importance of water filtration mostly in a situation where it becomes harmful to our health or unsuitable for the operation of air conditioners and other water-using devices. Why is this a problem? Water often contains chlorine, heavy metals, iron, nitrites or nitrates, but also viruses and bacteria. The presence of asbestos, herbicides and pesticides is not uncommon either, which, in addition to the unpleasant smell and taste, are also responsible for a number of health problems for users. One of the options for water filtration is the installation of a magnetic dirt separator.

Dirt separator versus regular filters

The dirt separator separates dirt, mainly sand and rust particles. They usually circulate in systems with closed circuits. Dirt is collected in a large dewatering chamber that requires little cleaning frequency. At the same time, dirt can be removed even during system operation. The advantages of dirt separators are their small pressure losses and sustainable performance. It is constant over time, unlike conventional filters that become clogged with trapped dirt.


Dirt separator Caleffi Dirtmag

The Caleffi Dirtmag sludge remover removes dirt contained in air conditioning systems. The large internal volume of the Dirtmag slows the flow of the medium, while water or glycol solution can be used as the medium. Slowing down the flow of the medium helps to separate the particles through gravity. These are collected in the decantation chamber. A removable magnetic ring captures ferromagnetic impurities. The dirt collected in this way is subsequently drained during operation itself, by opening the drain tap.

The body of the Caleffi Dirtmag dirt separator is made of technopolymer. This durable composite material is characterized by a wide range of mechanical, thermal and technological properties. Since it is recyclable, it has little impact on the environment. In addition, technopolymers have high tensile strength, good resistance to crack propagation, very low moisture absorption and can maintain performance even with temperature fluctuations.


How the dirt removal works

The principle of operation of the Caleffi Dirtmag dirt separator is based on the capture of dirt on a magnet. This is done through the action of two magnets embedded in a special removable outer ring of the separator. Its inner element consists of a set of radial mesh surfaces. When dirt hits the water, it separates on its surface and falls to the bottom of the body, where it collects. Iron impurities are trapped directly inside the body.


How to install a dirt separator

The Caleffi Dirtmag dirt separator can be installed on both horizontal and vertical pipes. However, each assembly and disassembly should be carried out only when the system is cold. It is also necessary to ensure that the system is not under pressure.

The installation itself is not difficult. Adjust the connection to a horizontal or vertical pipe by manually turning the T-piece screw and install the drain in the direction indicated by the arrow. The dirt separator should always be installed on the side in front of the pump, while its body should remain in a vertical position.

Technical parameters of Caleffi Dirtmag operation

The operating temperature range of the Caleffi Dirtmag dirt separator should be between 0 and 90 degrees Celsius. The maximum operating pressure should not exceed the level of three bars and the recommended flow rate of the medium in the connections of the device should be stable at the level of 1.2 meters per second. The Caleffi Dirtmag filter is available in three-quarter inch and one inch sizes.


If you don't like your coffee or tea, even though you put up with the quality of the brand, or your air conditioner is straining, the problem may be insufficiently filtered water. Do not hesitate to consult our experts about a specific product, who are waiting for your questions at chobotova@atria-europe.com.


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