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Avansa magnetic water treatment will protect your heating system from calcite

The water that circulates in the heating or cooling system contains a considerable amount of impurities. Their presence causes rapid wear of individual components of this system, such as circulation pumps or control valves. As a result of the long-term impact of these impurities, irreversible damage may occur, requiring expensive repair or replacement of the given component. To prevent this unwanted condition, pay attention to regular dirt removal and equip your heating or cooling system with a magnetic filter to treat circulating water.


Magnetic filter as an essential part of the heating system

The magnetic filter works on the basis of very strong permanent magnets that split the calcium hydrogen carbonate molecules. Thanks to this, the formation of calcite inside the boiler is prevented. This magnetic anti-limestone device breaks the calcium hydrogen carbonate molecules into many small particles. Thanks to this, no particles of calcium carbonate or calcite are formed, which are responsible for the deposition of limestone and the formation of scale. At the same time, a new crystal known as aragonite is formed by the continuous action of the magnetic field. However, there is no need to worry about it, as it is harmless. It does not form deposits on metal elements and is subsequently removed from the system with water.


Avansa magnetic water treatment 1/2"

The magnetic filter Avansa 1/2" has smaller dimensions. Its cylindrical body is made of stainless steel and there are half-inch swivel connections on its sides.

Using the magnetic filter is very simple. All you have to do is insert the included gaskets into the side holes and then mount the filter on the supply pipe to the boiler. The shape of the filter guarantees easy assembly, while the built-in nuts are used for fastening.

The Avansa 1/2" magnetic filter for water treatment ensures a long life and maximum efficiency of gas boilers, as it protects them from the negative effects of calcite. Simple installation of the magnetic filter, quick maintenance and constant cleaning will thus protect your heating system for many years. At the same time, they help to eliminate problems related to damage to circulation pumps or heat consumption meters, as well as clogging and clogging of regulatory elements.As a result of their action, there is no reduction in heat output or heat transfer, which would result in an increase in energy consumption.


Why should you use a magnetic filter?

Using magnetic filters brings several benefits. By its constant action against unwanted substances, you extend the life of your boiler as well as the entire heating system. No external power source is required for their operation, and the small size of the filter also allows you to install it even in a limited installation space. Maintenance of magnetic filters is quick and easy and can be done even in the operating mode of the heating system. An equally important fact is the effective separation of magnetic and non-magnetic impurities from the circulation system. By installing a magnetic filter, in addition to the service life, you also improve the heat exchange and, ultimately, the efficiency of the heating system.

The task of magnetic filters is to separate impurities. These come into contact with a magnetic filter, which captures them and then separates them. At the same time, thanks to the construction of the filter, the free flow of heating or cooling water is preserved, even in the case of a clogged magnetic core. Did you not find the answer to your question in our article? Do not hesitate to consult our experts at chobotova@atria-europe.com.


Avansa magnetic water treatment 1/2"
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