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Keep your heating in good condition thanks to the Aras magnetic filter

The importance of water filtration is often underestimated and neglected. It applies not only to drinking water, but also to water in heating or solar systems. We mostly realize its importance only in a situation where a device that uses water breaks down, and we thus start looking for the causes of its malfunction. Water contains a lot of unwanted substances, such as particles of rust or iron. They clog the pipes and lead to malfunctioning of the heating equipment. One of the possibilities of preventing such a condition is the installation of a magnetic dirt separator.


Dirt separator versus regular filters

The dirt separator separates dirt that usually circulates in systems with closed circuits. Its advantage is low cleaning frequency, low pressure losses and sustainable performance. Unlike conventional filters that become clogged with trapped dirt, this is constant over time.


The meaning of the magnetic filter

The Aras magnet dirt separator is used to remove dirt from radiators, floor heating pipes, and boilers. A magnet located in the separator captures impurities in the heating water flowing through the filter. It thus helps to prevent pumps and valves from seizing, as well as the failure of the gas and electric boiler or its exchanger.




Generous use of the magnetic dirt separator

The body of the Aras magnetic filter is made of high-quality polyamide. The resistance of this composite material and the properties of the filter predetermine the placement of the dirt separator anywhere in the given system. Thanks to the design and functions of the filter, as well as its compact size, it can also be used for solar systems.

The use of the Aras magnetic filter is generous enough. The maximum temperature of the flowing water at the level of ninety degrees Celsius also contributes to it. The maximum output of the filter is 20 to 24 kW and its maximum operating pressure is three bars.

In the package, in addition to the filter, you will also find a three-quarter-inch ball valve, which serves to close the water circulation, a swivel connection, allowing easy connection of the filter to the G3/4" boiler, as well as a key to open the top of the filter.

The operation of the Aras 3/4" magnetic filter

The principle of the Aras three-quarter inch magnetic filter is based on a magnet that attracts all iron impurities in the cylinder. A strong neodymium magnet, located in the center of the filter, is easily removable and thus enables its quick and efficient cleaning. At the same time, it attracts iron particles and other metal impurities, and in this way also captures polluted microparticles in the system.

In the interest of proper functioning, we recommend cleaning the Aras magnetic filter at least once a year. It is enough to close the valves at the inlet and outlet, i.e. before and after the magnet, open the drain plug, unscrew the top part of the filter and remove the loosened magnet from it and clean it thoroughly.

The Aras magnetic filter can also capture non-magnetic particles present in water. He fixes them on the stainless steel filter mesh and thus ensures perfect purification of the system.

Just as the consumption of polluted or defective water is responsible for many health problems of its users, water in heating systems also has an adverse effect on their proper functioning and lifespan. However, ensuring the optimal, long-term operation of heating and solar devices thanks to the purity of the circulating water requires less effort than it might seem. Therefore, do not forget to get the Aras 3/4" magnetic filter, which will attract all iron impurities into its cylinder and thus relieve you of a lot of unnecessary worries. Take advantage of the range of premium quality heating and accessories for your home and garden and address your questions regarding the implementation of individual solutions to chobotova@atria-europe.com.


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