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DAB.ESYBOX MINI 3 - an electronic home water system



Compact automatic booster domestic water plant for the water supply of a family home. ESYBOX MINI 3 guarantees the convenience of constant pressure (adjustable pressure range from 1 to 5 bar) and energy saving thanks to frequency converter technology in domestic water distribution systems. The device is suitable for use in domestic systems and for irrigation. ESYBOX MINI 3 does not require any additional components for its installation. It consists of a high-frequency self-priming pump, a control unit with a frequency converter, a pressure and flow sensor, a high-resolution LCD display and a pressure vessel with a volume of 1 l. The double suction and discharge connection allows for vertical and horizontal installation. Thanks to its compact size, installation is also possible in small spaces without large air exchange.
• Operating range:
flow rate up to 80 l/min; with a displacement of up to 55 m
• Pumped liquid: clean, without solid and abrasive substances, non-aggressive, non-viscous, non-crystallizing, chemically neutral
• Liquid temperature range:
from 0 °C to + 35 °C for home use
from 0 °C to + 40 °C for other uses
• Maximum suction depth: 8 m
• Maximum ambient temperature: + 50°C
• Maximum operating pressure: 7.5 bar (750 kPa)
• Engine degree of protection: IPX4
• Insulation class: F
• Installation: fixed in horizontal or vertical position


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