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The world leader in electric floor heating, DEVI presents a new generation of cables for interior floor heating installations. The new cables meet the requirements of the latest regulations and are covered by a 20-year warranty - DEVIwarranty.
New cables can be installed up to a temperature of -5°C.

The efficiency, reliability and safety of any underfloor heating solution lies in the quality of the cables. After more than 50 years of experience in the production of electric heating cables, DEVI comes with a new top product for indoor use, says Vice President Jacob Madsen, Director of DEVI Electric Floor Heating.

The new DEVIflex cable replaces the popular DTIP cable. The new cables are round, smooth and highly flexible, allowing for quick and easy installation.

Basic facts about DEVIflex cables:
• DEVIflex is a new generation of cables designed for indoor floor heating applications, developed and sold under the DEVI brand, a leading manufacturer of electric floor heating
• New DEVIflex cables replace all existing DTIP cables
• Innovation, smooth oval surface without the risk of undulation during installation, clear color resolution will enable quick and easy installation
• Fully shielded for your complete safety – IEC 60800:2009 certification; M2 class
• Cables are supplied under the condition of DEVIwarranty, which guarantees a 20-year warranty for resistance cables and heating mats.

Deviflex cables with constant performance, supplied to measure, will provide you with a long service life in the application used. This cable is ideal for frost protection or for maintaining the required temperature in all piping applications where this is a key factor especially in larger systems. A custom-made application means the correct type, number and length of cable, where the cold ends are ready for immediate use. Together with Devireg thermostats, the system is completely under control and thus can be optimized with regard to efficiency and energy consumption.

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