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Gross weight is the total weight of an object or substance, which includes the weight of the object itself together with associated additives, packaging material and other components. It includes all the weight that is part of the overall packaging or transportation of the object.

Gross weight is used to measure and identify the total amount of weight of an object, including all admixtures and packaging. It is an important measure in trade, transport and manufacturing, where all components and weights within the process need to be considered.

When purchasing goods, the gross weight is indicated on labels or packaging in order to provide consumers with information about the total weight of the product, including packaging materials and possible additives.

In the field of transport and logistics, gross weight is used to determine required costs, safety constraints and transport planning. It is important to know the total weight of the goods in order to determine the appropriate vehicle or container for transport.

Gross weight is given in units of weight such as grams, kilograms, pounds, tons, or others, and is usually marked or labeled on the object or package.

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