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Net weight

Net weight is a measure of the weight of an object or substance without the inclusion of any added weight such as packaging, packaging material or other admixtures. It is the weight of the object or substance itself after subtracting the weight of unwanted elements.

Net weight is used to accurately measure and identify the actual weight of an object or substance, regardless of associated impurities or packaging. It is an important measure in many areas such as trade, manufacturing, transportation and others where accurate weight measurement is critical.

When purchasing goods, the net weight is indicated on labels or packaging to provide consumers with information about the actual weight of the product, excluding packaging material.

In industrial production, net weight is used to track and control the quantity of raw materials and products. It is important in determining the correct doses of ingredients, determining weight loss in the production process and planning supplies and stocks.

Net weight is usually given in units of weight such as grams, kilograms, pounds, tons, or others. It is important to distinguish between net weight and gross weight, which includes all associated additives and packaging.

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