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The abbreviation SCOP stands for "Seasonal Coefficient of Performance," which translates to "Seasonal Coefficient of Performance." SCOP is a measure used to evaluate the energy efficiency of heat pumps and air conditioning systems throughout the heating season.

SCOP is defined as the ratio of the amount of thermal energy provided by the heat pump or air conditioning system to the amount of electrical energy consumed by it during the entire heating period. It expresses how efficiently the system uses electricity for heating in different climates, which includes taking into account air temperature, compressor efficiency and other factors.

In practice, a higher SCOP means better efficiency and lower energy consumption. Air conditioners and heat pumps with a higher SCOP are usually more efficient when operating in colder and warmer periods, which is important for overall energy savings and operating costs.

The SCOP value is a key factor in evaluating heat pumps and air conditioning systems in terms of their energy performance and efficiency throughout the year.

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