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STIEBEL ELTRON is a German manufacturer and supplier of heating, refrigeration and heat pump systems with a long tradition and high reputation. The company is based in Holzminden, Germany and operates internationally.

STIEBEL ELTRON specializes in the development and production of advanced technologies in the field of heating, cooling and water heating. Their products are characterized by high quality, reliability and energy efficiency.

STIEBEL ELTRON offers a wide range of products, including electric boilers, heat pumps, solar collectors, electric water heaters, air handling systems and other technologies for thermal solutions.

The company emphasizes innovation and research and development. They try to constantly improve their products and come up with new technologies that increase energy efficiency and reduce the negative impact on the environment.

STIEBEL ELTRON is also known for its expertise in the field of smart home solutions and automation. Part of their portfolio are control and regulation systems that enable efficient and intelligent management of temperature, energy consumption and management of the heating and cooling system.

The company STIEBEL ELTRON has long been focused on quality, reliability and sustainability. Their products and solutions are designed to meet high standards and customer requirements. In addition, the company is characterized by a professional approach, providing customer support and service.

STIEBEL ELTRON is a world-renowned brand that prides itself on its rich heritage, innovation and reliability. It is the preferred partner in heating, cooling and water heating for homes, commercial buildings and industrial applications.

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