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A semi-siphon

A semi-siphon is a variation of a regular siphon, which is used to remove waste water from sinks, showers or bathtubs in homes and other buildings. A polysiphon is also known as a polysiphon trap and is designed to prevent the return of unpleasant odors from waste pipes back into the interior of the building.

Umývadlový polsifón HC2

The semisiphon consists of two separation chambers and one curvature. In the first separation chamber, there is water, which serves as a sealing layer and prevents odors from the waste pipes from reaching the space above the siphon. In the second separation chamber, there is a basic thread to which the waste pipe is connected.

When water is drained from a sink or other sanitary device, it passes through the curvature of the siphon, which prevents waste gases from returning to the space above the siphon. The water then enters the second separation chamber, where there is an odor trap that further prevents odors from entering the building.

The use of a polysiphon is important because it prevents the spread of unpleasant odors from the waste pipes into the interior of the building, which contributes to maintaining cleanliness and hygiene. Semi-siphons are commonly used in all types of buildings where waste water is required, such as apartments, offices, hotels, restaurants and other commercial and industrial facilities.

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