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Aragonite is a mineral belonging to carbonates, namely calcium carbonate (CaCO3). It is one of the crystalline forms of limestone, the other form being calcite. Aragonite differs from calcite in its crystal structure and properties.

Aragonite is known for its fine, needle-like crystal structure. Its color can vary from white to red, green to blue. This mineral occurs in a variety of geologic environments, including caves, mineral outcrops, coral reefs, and sedimentary rocks.

In nature, aragonite can be formed in various ways, including sedimentary processes, water river deposits and also evaporation processes in mineral springs and lakes.

Aragonite is important in geology, mineral collection and also in biology. In biology, aragonite occurs, for example, in corals, where it forms their skeletal structure. Coral reefs are made of aragonite, which settles on the surfaces of marine organisms.

The aragonite mineral is also used in jewelry and mineral collecting. Its beautiful fine crystals make it a desirable and aesthetic addition to collections.


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