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An electric bicycle or Elektrobicykel is a bicycle with an additional electric drive. The use of an electric drive saves manpower, increases speed and range.


Electric bicycle parts


The most common motors used in electric bicycles are HUB motors. They are located in the central hub of the wheel. These motors are divided into direct (BLDC) and free-wheeling (guided). There are also mid-engines that transmit their driving force via a chain drive.

The control unit controls the electric bicycle. The engine, battery, brakes, control and accessories are connected to it.

The control unit for HUB motors is most often encountered. For this type, the control unit creates a three-phase DC current so that the motor works as efficiently as possible.

It is powered by a battery, the power of which is transferred by the control unit to the motor of the electric bicycle with the help of controls.

The power of the motor and thus the overall electric bike depends on the control unit and the battery.

Batteries used in electric bicycles are divided into lead and lithium. Lithium ones are more suitable and modern.

Lead-acid batteries are divided into:

SLA - it is flooded, sealed and cannot be opened
GEL - contains electrolyte in gel form
AGM - similar to the GEL type, the electrolyte is in the spaces between the glass fibers
Lead-acid batteries have a shorter lifespan, traction and weight compared to lithium batteries.

Lithium batteries are currently the most suitable for electric bicycles. Their only negative compared to lead batteries is the price, which is why they are not so widespread yet. The most frequently used type is Li-ion, but LiFePO4 technology is coming to the fore.

Important battery parameters are capacity (Ah) and voltage (V), e.g. for lithium 36V 10Ah. According to this parameter, it is possible to determine the endurance or electric bicycle range.

The electric bike is controlled by an accelerator lever or a handle. By turning the handle, the electric bike accelerates. It can also be controlled by the PAS sensor (pedaling sensor) - if the rider starts pedaling, the electric bike helps.

Riding an electric bike is very comfortable, it is much easier to overcome hills where the recreational rider often falls off the bike. The level of assistance is easily regulated by the rider and he exerts himself only as much as he deems appropriate.

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