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Epoxy (Epoxy) is a polymer, specifically a thermosetting polymer, which is formed by the reaction of epoxy compounds with a hardener. This reaction leads to the creation of a strong and durable material that has various uses in different industries. Epoxy is known for its excellent adhesion, mechanical properties and resistance to chemicals and corrosion.


Production of epoxy polymers and their application:

Basic components: Epoxy consists of two main components - an epoxy compound and a hardener. The epoxy compound contains reactive epoxy groups, while the hardener contains reactive groups that react with epoxides and initiate a polymerization reaction.

Mixing: The epoxy compound and the hardener must be thoroughly mixed in precisely determined proportions. This reaction will start the polymerization process in which the molecules begin to join together to form long chains.

Curing: After the epoxies and hardener are mixed, the curing process begins, where the polymerization reaction is accelerated and the epoxy material becomes rigid and inflexible.

Applications:  Epoxies are used in a variety of industries. Their uses include:

Construction industry: For gluing and repairing concrete surfaces, production of epoxy floors and coatings, gluing of glass, metals and plastics.

Electronics: For the production of printed circuit boards (PCBs), semiconductor packaging, bonding and protection of electronic components.

Automotive industry: For the production of fiberglass, gluing and repairing bodywork, gluing interior parts.

Aerospace: For the construction of light and strong composites, as well as for bonding and repairing aircraft.

Crafts and artwork: For creating artwork, furniture and various crafts.

Epoxies are known for their ability to form strong and solid bonds, resist heat, water, chemicals and mechanical stress. Their diverse use makes them an important material in several industries.



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