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Euroster is a brand that is known for its products in the field of temperature regulation and control in the field of heating, cooling and air conditioning. Euroster specializes in the development and manufacture of thermostats, regulators and other devices that enable precise temperature control in homes, commercial buildings and industrial applications. These products are designed to improve comfort, efficiency and energy savings in heating and cooling systems.

Some of the typical products from the Euroster brand include:

Thermostats: Euroster offers different types of thermostats, including underfloor heating thermostats, electric heating thermostats, programmable thermostats and others, which allow precise setting and control of room temperature.

Controllers: Temperature and humidity controllers are important components in various heating and cooling systems. Euroster produces regulators with various functions that help maintain a stable temperature and humidity in rooms.

Measuring devices: Euroster offers a variety of measuring devices such as thermometers and hygrometers to help monitor conditions in rooms and environments.

Products for solar systems: Euroster also manufactures products for solar systems that help manage and optimize the use of solar energy.

Heating and cooling control products: This includes controllers for boilers, pumps, air conditioning units and other components of heating and cooling systems.

Euroster strives to offer products that are reliable, accurate and easy to operate, making them an important player in the temperature control market. Their products are often used in various types of buildings and applications around the world, helping to use energy more efficiently and increase comfort for users.

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