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Olimpia Splendid

Olimpia Splendid is an Italian company specializing in the development and production of air conditioning and heating systems for homes, commercial spaces and industrial applications. The company has a rich history and is considered one of the leading manufacturers of air conditioning and heating equipment in Europe. Here is Olimpia Splendid's presentation:

History and Origin: Olimpia Splendid was founded in 1956 in Italy. Since its inception, it has focused on the development and production of climate control equipment for various applications.

Products and Innovations: Olimpia Splendid offers a wide range of products that include:

Mobile air conditioning units: Mobile air conditioning units for homes and offices that are easy to transport and install. These units enable rapid cooling or heating of the room.

Stationary air conditioning systems: Traditional stationary air conditioning units for installation in walls or ceilings of homes and commercial premises.

Heating systems: Heating solutions, including hot air heaters, radiators and other systems to ensure a comfortable temperature.

Ventilation and water pumps: Products that ensure high-quality ventilation of interior spaces and provide solutions for transferring hot or cold water.

Innovation and Ecology: Olimpia Splendid emphasizes innovation and sustainability in its products. It creates efficient and energy-saving devices that minimize the impact on the environment.

International Presence: Olimpia Splendid operates not only in Italy, but also in various countries around the world, providing its products and services globally.

Commitment to Customers: Olimpia Splendid is committed to product quality and providing excellent customer support. It tries to meet the needs and expectations of its customers.

Olimpia Splendid is a recognized player in the air conditioning and heating systems market and has become known thanks to its long-term expertise and the quality of its products. Its solutions are widely used in homes, commercial spaces and industrial applications for climate control and comfort.

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