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DAB.NOVA UP M-AE - submersible sludge pump



Electronic drainage pumps with height adjustable float (automatic or manual operation) with removable filter for pumping up to 2/3 mm of undrainable residue. The adjustable float allows to vary the level of the pump switch-on. Vertical placement of the electronic float allows the pump to be used in small sumps. These pumps can be used with solids up to a maximum size of 10 mm. The pump body and impeller are made of technopolymer. Motor, rotor shaft and screws in stainless steel. Asynchronous submersible motor for continuous operation. Stator in closed stainless steel housing. Built-in motor thermal protection and capacitor in single phase design.


  • Operating range: from 1 to 15 m3/h with discharge up to 10 m
  • Liquid temperature range: from 0 °C to 35 °C for domestic use
  • Pumped liquid: without fibres
  • Minimum immersion depth: NOVA UP 300M-AE - 60 mm
  • NOVA UP 600M-AE - 70 mm
  • Maximum immersion depth: 7 m
  • Installation: vertical, fixed or portable
  • Degree of protection: IP68
  • Insulation class: F


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13152 image IMG HIGH NOVA UP MAE

NOVA UP 300 M-AE Submersible Sump Pump - action

13152 image IMG HIGH NOVA UP MAE

NOVA UP 600 M-AE Submersible Sump Pump - action

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