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DAB.FEKABOX - 200 - automatic pumping stations



Tanks for pumping wastewater from households or for systems located under sewer networks such as garages and cellars, where it is not possible to connect the wastewater pipe directly to the gravity sewer network. The tank has many options for pipe connections at the inlet, outlet and vent, allowing adequate use even in confined spaces. FEKABOX is only for use with a single phase pump with float sensor, which must be ordered separately.


- 2" PP lifting device and anti-rotation bracket for FEKA VS

- Cable gland for single pump

- Connection 2" F x 1 x 1/4" M for FEKA 600

- Cable clamp for FEKA VS

  • Working range: from 1 to 24 m3 /h with discharge up to 15 m
  • Liquid to be pumped: groundwater, rainwater, wastewater and water from rivers or ponds
  • Maximum liquid temperature: + 45 °C
  • Installation: inside the building on a flat and solid floor or in shafts outside the building, not suitable for mobile use, maximum load capacity up to 100 kg
  • Material: LLDPE


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16405 image D IMG HIGH FEKABOX 2

FEKABOX 200 automatic pumping station - action

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FEKABOX 200 FX automatic pumping station - action

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