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A pressure hose

A pressure hose is a flexible tube or hose that is used to transfer various liquids, gases or other media under pressure. Pressure hoses are usually made of a flexible material that allows them to adapt to the pressure and temperature of the environment through which the medium flows.


The definition of a pressure hose can depend on what it is used for. Some pressure hoses are specially designed to transfer water, others serve to transfer oil, chemicals, air, gases or other liquids. Their construction and material may vary according to the specific needs and requirements of the environment through which they flow.

The use of pressure hose is diverse and can be found in several industries and applications, such as:

Domestic and industrial irrigation systems: Pressure hoses are used to feed garden irrigation systems.

Plumbing work: Water hoses are used to transfer water in homes and industrial buildings.

Construction industry: Pressure hoses are used in concreting, cleaning and pumping water and other liquids on construction sites.

Agriculture: In agriculture, pressure hoses are used for irrigation, transfer of fertilizers or chemicals.

Industrial production: In various industries, pressure hoses are used to transfer different media, for example in oil refineries, chemical industry or in the automotive industry.

When using a pressure hose, it is important to follow the manufacturer's safety and operating instructions and carefully monitor the condition and wear of the hose to avoid leaks or accidents.

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