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A pressure vessel

A pressure vessel, also known as a pressure tank or pressure vessel, is a device used to store liquids or gas under pressure. These vessels play an important role in maintaining and regulating liquid or gas pressure in hydraulic and pneumatic systems as well as in domestic, industrial and various other applications.


The principle of operation of the pressure vessel is based on the use of gas compressibility. When a tank is filled with a liquid or gas and is closed, the pressure in the tank increases and the gases are compressed. This creates a higher pressure that maintains an even pressure in the system even after the pump or other device that supplies liquid to the tank is turned off. When the liquid or gas pressure is released, it is then released from the tank into the system.


There are different types of pressure vessels with different purposes and uses:

Hydraulic pressure vessels: Used in hydraulic systems to maintain constant pressure and balance pressure peaks. They are common in hydraulic systems of machines and equipment.

Water storage pressure vessels: Used to store water under pressure in homes and industrial applications. They are usually made of a steel tank with an internal rubber membrane that separates the water from the gas and maintains a stable pressure.

Pressure vessels in heating and cooling: Used to maintain constant pressure in heating and cooling systems, allowing for better efficiency and safety of operation.

Compressors with a pressure vessel: These vessels are part of compressors and serve to store compressed air or other gas.

Pressure vessels have a wide range of uses in various industries, from industry to normal domestic use. Their main task is to maintain constant pressure and ensure smooth operation of the system, which contributes to increasing the efficiency and safety of the entire system.


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