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A thermostatic mixing valve

A thermostatic mixing valve is a device that serves to maintain a constant temperature of water or other liquids when mixing hot and cold water. Its main function is to regulate the temperature of the outlet water to a preset value, which is especially important when the water is used for various purposes, such as in homes, hotels, hospitals, industrial applications, etc.

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Operation of the thermostatic mixing valve: The thermostatic valve is equipped with a thermosensor (often a thermostatic head), which reacts to the temperature of the water in the supply pipes. Based on the temperature of the inlet water and the desired temperature of the outlet water, the valve regulates the flow of hot and cold water so that it reaches the desired constant temperature. If the inlet water temperature changes, the thermostatic valve automatically adjusts the water composition to maintain a constant outlet temperature.

Use: Thermostatic mixing valves are widely used in various industries:

Households: They are commonly used in showers and bathtubs, where they ensure comfortable and safe showering without the risk of burns from hot water.
Industry: They are used in industrial processes where it is necessary to maintain the exact temperature of liquids, for example in heat treatment or in the food industry.
Healthcare: Thermostatic valves are used in hospitals and medical facilities to control water temperature when preparing hot water for patients.
Different types of thermostatic mixing valves:

Valves with a stationary thermosensor: These valves have a thermosensor located in one place and the temperature is regulated according to the temperature at that point.
Valves with a moving thermosensor: Here, the thermosensor is located close to the water outlet, which ensures a faster response to temperature changes.
Electronic Thermostatic Valves: These valves use electronics to regulate temperature and can be controlled via a control unit or remote control.
Overall, thermostatic mixing valves play an important role in providing a safe and comfortable water temperature for different purposes and in different environments.

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