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anhydride mixture

An anhydride mixture is a mixture composed of anhydride compounds, which are chemical compounds without water molecules. Anhydrides can be organic or inorganic, and occur as solids or gases. In the construction industry, anhydride mixtures are often used as binders for the preparation of various surfaces or for joining materials.


In the construction context, anhydride compound usually refers to anhydride screeds or screeds. Anhydride screeds are polymer screeds based on anhydrides with the addition of polymers, which ensure their better plasticity, strength and flexibility. They are used for leveling and smoothing the substrates before laying floor coverings or tiles.

The advantage of anhydride compounds is fast drying, low flow stress and minimal increase in temperature during drying. They are also suitable for use with underfloor heating because they have good thermal conductivity.

It is important to emphasize that before using the anhydride mixture, it is necessary to follow the manufacturer's instructions and apply it correctly in accordance with the project specifications.

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