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ELÍZ - ohrievače vody

The ELÍZ - WATER HEATERS company was founded in December 1991 by Miroslav Elíz.
In the first months of its existence, the company provided warranty and post-warranty service, later the company's activity expanded to include the assembly and sale of electric water heaters for the territory of Bratislava and the surrounding area. Today, the main part consists of the sale and distribution of water heaters and heating equipment for the whole of Slovakia and the Czech Republic. The network of our contractual business and service partners throughout the territory is also a matter of course.

The entire period of the company's existence was carried out in the spirit of continuous improvement of the quality of the offered assortment and services, as well as the satisfaction and care of our customers. The culmination of our efforts was the acquisition of the ISO 9001:2000 international quality certificate, which our company received in 2002. In 2013, the company transformed into the company ELÍZ - water heaters s.r.o.

The development of construction and the building of new residential, business and industrial parks has moved us into a new dimension of business. The great demand for our own resources for the preparation of domestic hot water constantly pushes us forward. Our range is constantly expanding and we offer more models, options and solutions. Our endeavor is to make everyday life more comfortable with the help of ideas and advanced technologies, ideally combining the pleasant with the useful.

The name "GREEN LINE" hides the company's long-term innovation policy focused on renewable energy sources and environmental protection. Our many years of experience on the market oblige us to offer our customers not only a water heater using alternative sources, but also the ability to fully absorb and accumulate energy.

In our offer you will find a complete range of electric flow and storage water heaters, spare parts, heating devices, hand dryers, filters and accessories for the comfort of everyday life.

The ELÍZ brand combines not only product quality, an above-standard warranty, a good price, but also quality customer service for the entire lifetime of the device.

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