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heating mat

A heating mat is an electric heating pad or tape that is installed under a floor covering (eg ceramic tile, floating floor, linoleum, etc.) in order to provide effective and comfortable thermal insulation in a room.

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These heating mats usually consist of heating elements that are embedded in a durable and safe insulating material that is able to transfer heat evenly to the floor. Heating elements are mostly made of durable electrical wires or heating mats.

One of the main advantages of a heating mat is that it provides pleasant heat that rises from the floor up, creating an even and pleasant thermal atmosphere in the room. This type of heating is considered more energy efficient and comfortable compared to traditional heating systems such as radiators.

Heating mats can be regulated using a thermostat, which allows you to set the desired temperature and control the heating system according to the current needs and preferences of the user.

These systems are especially popular in bathrooms and other rooms where pleasant and fast floor heating is desirable. Due to their low profile, they can also be installed under various types of floor coverings without significantly increasing the height of the floor.

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