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A nozzle is a device or opening that serves to direct the flow of a liquid or gas. Nozzles are used in various applications and industries to achieve the desired dispersion, velocity, pressure, flow or mixing of liquids or gases.


In internal combustion engines, nozzles are used to spray fuel into the combustion chamber, which is crucial for efficient fuel combustion and engine performance. Nozzles of various shapes and sizes are produced, which allow for fine adjustment of fuel dosage and control of engine performance.

In hydraulics and pneumatics, nozzles are used to direct the flow of liquids and gases, as well as to increase pressure or speed. For example, nozzles are often used in nozzles, hoses and other devices to achieve a desired flow or increase the pressure of a liquid or gas.

In the food industry and gastronomy, nozzles are used in various applications, such as in ice cream machines to spray ice cream, in nozzles to decorate cakes and pastries, or in coffee machines to create the right foam and crema in coffee.

Nozzles have a wide range of applications and their correct use is important to achieve the desired results in manufacturing, industry, transport, food and many other industries. Their effective use depends on precise design and construction that takes into account the specific needs and parameters of the application for which the nozzles are intended.

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