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Oventrop is a German company based in Olsberg, founded in 1851. It is one of the leading European companies operating in the field of air conditioning, heating, cooling and technologies for the control and regulation of thermal systems.

Oventrop specializes in the development and production of various products for thermal engineering and sanitary systems. Their portfolio includes various valves, thermostatic heads, regulators, fittings, pumps, air separators, heat exchangers and many other products.

The company Oventrop is characterized by its long tradition and the high quality of its products. Their products are known for their reliability, efficiency and technological innovation. Oventrop constantly strives to develop new technologies and products that improve efficiency and comfort in the field of heating and cooling.

In addition to the German market, Oventrop has a strong international presence and supplies its products to more than 140 countries worldwide. Their wide network of distributors and resellers ensures that their products are available to customers worldwide.

Oventrop emphasizes sustainability and ecological responsibility in its products and production processes. Part of their strategy is the constant search for ways to minimize the negative impact on the environment and at the same time increase the energy efficiency of their products.

Thanks to its many years of experience, quality products and commitment to innovation, Oventrop is a respected player in the thermal technology market and its products are often the choice of professionals and end customers looking for reliable and efficient solutions for their heating, cooling and sanitary needs.



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