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Pellets are a special type of fuel made from compressed biomass such as wood, sawdust, cereals or plant residues. They are small cylindrical particles with a diameter usually from 6 mm to 8 mm and a length of approximately 10 mm to 30 mm.


The production of pellets involves grinding the raw material into a fine powder and subsequent pressing under high pressure. During pressing, heat is generated which causes the biomass particles to bond together to form pellets. No binders are usually added in the production process, because the lignin substances contained in the raw material serve as a natural glue.

Pellets have several advantages as a fuel. They are dry and have low humidity, which improves their combustion efficiency. They have a higher density than wood in the form of logs or chips, which means that they contain more energy per unit volume. They are uniform in shape and size, which facilitates their storage, handling and transportation. In addition, pellets are a greener alternative to traditional fossil fuels, as less CO2 and other pollutants are released when they are burned.

Pellets are often used as fuel in specially designed pellet boilers or pellet stoves to heat homes, buildings or other spaces. They are also used in industrial environments or in boilers for the production of electricity. In recent years, pellets are gaining more and more popularity as an ecological and sustainable form of heating.


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