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IVAR.649 - wall-mounted control thermostat



EEA649II black, EEB649II white
it is mounted separately in a suitable place on the wall of the room and is connected to the control electronics IVAR.645 with a shielded data cable of the RS485 protocol
the IVAR.649 electronic thermostat is powered by a cable from the source, which is part of the IVAR.645 electronics board
up to 30 fan coils equipped with IVAR.645 electronics can be controlled using a single IVAR.649 controller
setting the desired temperature in the range of 16 to 28 °C in 0.5 °C increments
with the help of selection arrows, it allows setting the desired temperature of the room shown on the display; after execution
settings, the actual room temperature is displayed
signals operational states and any malfunctions on the device and in communication
supply voltage 12V from dependent el. control IVAR.645
EFA649II black with WiFi, EFB649II white with WiFi
version with a built-in WiFi module for remote communication via the InnovaAPP application


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