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IVAR.K 7522 TO - modular distribution assembly IVAR.MODUSYS


IVAR.K 7522 TO

  • IVAR.MODUSYS modular distribution set is designed for installations in hot water floor heating / cooling systems ensures the distribution of heating water to individual heating loops and is fully equipped with the necessary regulating and closing fittings allows, as needed, at the place of implementation of the connection of additional expansion modules of the input and return heating water, the mutual connection of the individual modules is carried out by a simple compression connection by a quarter of a turn (90°) colored safety slide clip for identification of the distributor / collector prevents rotation and disconnection of the modules in connection with electrothermal heads for flow regulation through individual outputs, it meets even the highest requirements for regulation comfort and associated energy savings the assembly is made of polymer material (PA66) and high-quality brass, which is why it is completely resistant to corrosion


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