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manual, automatic self-cleaning filters

Self-cleaning filters  

  • for filtering mechanical impurities from drinking water
  • with a washable stainless steel filter insert
  • with a mechanism for manual de-sludging and cleaning of the filter insert with brushes
  • we recommend connection to the sewage system

 GEL.DEPURA MINI Ručný samočistiaci filter - 3/4"F- manual self-cleaning filter

GEL.DEPURA MATIC SI  Ručný samočistiaci filter - 5/4"M- manual self-cleaning filter

GEL.DEPURA AUTOMATIC Automatický samočistiaci filter - 3/4"F- automatic self-cleaning filter

IVAR.SELF CURAN Náhradný pohon a pregramátor - self-cleaning filter with flushing activated by a programmable SET


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