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Solar control GH 26

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Solar Control GH 26 for Solar Systems
Needs to be completedelectronic flow meter

In conjunction with electronic flow metercontrols the GH26 continuously to regulate the thermal efficiency of the solar equalizes the heat yield over time and also signals any malfunctions in operation - no flow in the system.

The controller is equipped with 6 temperature sensors and is designed for wall mounting.

Overview of GH26 controller functions (version P09):

  • intuitive and convenient operation thanks to large LCD display
  • circulator type selection: constant speed and electronic

  • 6NTC10Ktemperature sensors
  • option to connect 3 circulators/ or control valves
  • option to control 2 electronic pumps
  • option to connect any 2 (identical) electronic flow meters
  • pressure switch to regulate the pressure in a solar device
  • collaborating with UPS equipment (keeping the solar circuit pump running)
  • service min. 19 schemes of solar installation including support for pool heating and water heating
  • limiting the operation of a primary heat source, such as a heating boiler
  • select priority for solar device operation (utility water, heating support, pool water)
  • timing programs for the operation of circulators, such as a domestic hot water circulator
  • feature of individual setting of intermittent operation of the domestic hot water circulating pump (called. taktovanie)
  • hygienic function (periodic antibacterial heating)
  • solar collector overheating protection
  • the history of solar collector superheating (> 135oC)
  • protecting the domestic water heater from overheating (heat transfer to the solid fuel boiler)
  • a feature to protect the device against overheating in the event of a long period of heat failure
  • graphical representation of current temperatures and operating states of the device
  • graphical representation of heat gains over time (daily, weekly, monthly and multi-year counters)
  • timely visual and audible indication of emergencies
  • continuously updated solar collector heating capacity indication
  • continuously updated indication of solar pump power consumption
  • information about the active antibacterial heating (anti-legionella) function performed by the controller
  • 22 language versions available

- it can also be used for existing solar installations, those that can be retrofitted with just an electric flow meter.

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Category: thermostats pumps and boiler rooms
Warranty: 2 roky
Weight: 1.5 kg
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