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active cooling

Active cooling is a method of removing heat from various devices and systems using active components such as fans, pumps or compressors. These components supply external power to increase the flow of the cooling medium, ensuring efficient heat removal from the equipment. Active cooling is used in many different applications, especially in electronics, computers, industry and many other fields.

How active cooling works:

Fans: In the case of air cooling fans, the fan blades move, creating a flow of air that passes through the radiator or cooling unit. Warm air removes heat from the device and replaces it with cooler air.

Pumps: In water cooling, pumps deliver a cooling fluid (such as water or refrigerant) through cooling plates or blocks to remove heat.

Compressors: In compressor cooling, the refrigerant is compressed and expanded, causing changes in temperature and pressure and allowing heat to be transferred from one location to another.

Where active cooling is used:

Computers: Active cooling is widely used in computers to maintain the optimal temperature of components such as processors, graphics cards and more. Fans and cooling blocks are placed directly above these components for quick and efficient heat dissipation.

Electronics: In electronic devices such as televisions, audio systems, smartphones and more, active cooling is used to maintain optimal temperatures and ensure reliable performance.

Automotive industry: In the engine compartment of cars, active cooling is used to maintain the optimal temperature of the engine, radiators and other components.

Industrial applications: In industries where large equipment, machinery and systems are used, active cooling is used to maintain normal operating temperature and prevent overheating.

Air conditioning: In air conditioning systems, fans and compressors are used to cool the air and distribute it to the space.

Active cooling is an important aspect of keeping devices at optimal operating temperature, ensuring reliability and performance. Thanks to the various components and technologies used in active cooling, it is possible to efficiently remove heat from various applications and systems.

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